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Meet the Girl Gang

Our eclectic group of BuildU Influencers are a gang of fierce and dynamic women with a vision aimed to inspire others.

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Allison Rose

LadyBoss of Chaos

Terry O'Neill

Growth Promoter

Jennifer Reeves

Girl! Straighten Your Crown Jewels

Jessica Tatieze

Hot Mess Mama Boss


Bethany Peterson

Military Mama of Minions

Betsy Clevenger

Vodka Lover

Regina Thompson

Bone Doctor

Carrie Magruder

Ms Mighty Mighty

Tara Michielli

Sassy BadAssy

Jennifer Ballantyne

Oldie But Goodie

Charlene Stackle

Possibility Artist

Charlie Brewer

One Woman Wrecking Ball

Chrissa Brotherton

Mrs. In Charge

Rene Johnston

Education Enthusiast

Daniele Daugherty

Self Love Enthusiast

Julie George

Detox Diva


Kelsey Anfenson Fulton

Boss Lady, Momtrepreneur, Hustler

Kelsi Bates

Aphrodite, Goddess of Love


Kelsy McHenry

Chief Organizer

Karla O'Neill

Kountess of Kraziness

Lauren Warrick

Southern Belle

Amanda Markley

Life-Sized Science Project

Megan Hancock

Hot Mess Express Conductor

Melissa McDaniel

Care Bear

Ronanda Liberty

Goosebump Huntress

Misty LaSalle

Champion Juggler

Misty Springer

Tornado Tamer

Morgan Marie

Looks short, stands tall

Nancy Hill

Lion Tamer

Teresa Akers

Believer of Love


Nichole Mischke

Owning Imperfection as the New Direction

Catherine Reynolds

Life Enrichment Diva

Patricia McClain Osborne

Queen of Everything

Priscilla Alden

Supportive Passionista

Randi Johnson

Superhero Extraordinaire

Rena McGill

The Original Ladyboss

Krista Furtney

Super Sap Train Wreck

Jolene Fisher

Inspiring Leader & Coach

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Do you have a story to share? Are you passionate about helping other women?

We want those who desire to share their drive, their passions, their real-life stories, professional talents, what they care about, what they consume and how they live. We are seeking women who are not concerned with having their 15 minutes of fame but are seeking to connect and hold each other up.

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